About Us

About Us

We bridge the gap between university & the corporate world, one step at a time

Who we Are

Monash University Investment Group (MUIG) was established in September 2014, at Monash University Malaysia. This club offers opportunities and a platform for students interested in the areas of investment and finance to share their investing knowledge with like-minded peers, and is a stepping stone for students to build their careers. MUIG bridges the gap between university students and the corporate world by providing networking opportunities, offering training and classes for students to enhance their knowledge in finance and investment. Members will have the opportunity to gain investment, banking and finance knowledge and experience through organised events. Students can benefit from MUIG participation by gaining leadership experience, knowledge and investment experience as well as staying related to the corporate world. This club is formed, developed and governed entirely by the students of Monash University Malaysia 

Our Team (TBC)

Kah Wei


Gurleen Kaur Randhawa

Finance Director

Yan Tong

Vice President

Jie Ying Wong

Marketing Director

Khong Wei Yin

Corporate Relations Director

Jennifer Caroline

Internal Communications Director

Nilesh Menon

Human Resource Director